Hidden Layer™ is a power electronics technology company specialising in networked, high efficiency electricity demand control at the meter.



For Energy Networks

Our ‘Integrated Demand Optimisation System’ (IDOS™), automatically ‘reconstructs’ a home’s daily demand profile into one more beneficial to the consumer and electricity systems. IDOS networks manage large numbers of IDOS-enabled homes to ‘generate demand’ to match available supply at system level, thus increasing system efficiency, effective capacity and resilience.

By solving the needs of today's consumers, we make them helpful participants in solving utility-level problems of increasingly complex electricity systems.  To find out more about how our technology can work for utilities, contact us. 



For Consumers

By reconstructing a home's demand profile, IDOS optimises that home's interaction with the grid in order to lower the economic and environmental costs of electricity for the consumer and the community.  Integrating electricity storage, solar PV management, and electric vehicle charging, IDOS makes the consumer simultaneously 'smart' and 'helpful' to the grid and its suppliers, without requiring any change in behaviour.

If you own an electric vehicle, have or are planning a solar PV installation, or are seeking energy independence and security from the grid, our solutions may be right for you.

For Partners

Hidden Layer can offer benefits to partners in various sectors, from electric vehicle distributors, EV charging infrastructure providers, solar home systems manufacturers and installers, micro-grid developers, independent community energy suppliers, back-up generation manufacturers, home and security management providers, and more. 

Get in touch today to find out how demand reconstruction can help your customers.